The seamless solution for
digitalized tightening processes

BoltPilot Controls the Entire Deployment Process without Friction at any Stage

Digitization is an enormous help in increasing the control of processes in a fast-paced environment like the wind power industry. The tightening of critical joints cannot continue to be carried out in a traditional way, just as other business processes have advanced a lot in digitization.

BoltPilot consists of a combination of software, hardware and sensorized tightening tools, that work in sync to make up a unique knowledge-based system for the management of activities related to critical bolted joints. Our smart tools are used the same way as non-sensorized ones after a fast-learning curve without engineers needed onsite.​

Easy to implement and use by field teams, BOLTPILOT SIMPLIFIES WORK PROCESSES. It will free you from unnecessary complications in tightening with its simple and seamless system

BoltPilot Process Step by Step

Technical data integration

This phase involves inputting specified parameters for various tightening procedures according to the manufacturer’s installation book. Additionally, operators involved in the installation are identified. This straightforward process occurs online via the BoltPilot web application, facilitated by Texas Controls’ assistance if necessary. The configuration phase not only defines system settings but also determines tool selection.

  • Introduce data and report to the web server.
  • Organize the work package and download data.
  • Configure work data in any tablet and upload data to power packs.

Deployment and on-site training

Texas Controls supplies the necessary tools, including hydraulic power packs, as well as specialized training to the contractor’s workforce. This training initiative acquaints personnel with the use of sensor-equipped tools and daily operations.

Tightening and data capture

The contractor’s team employs BoltPilot and the sensorized tools for tightening operations. The system validates the correctness of tightening, halting progress until validation is achieved. Data is promptly captured through Android-powered devices.

The use of BoltPilot during this phase can lead to a potential 30% reduction in labor hours compared to traditional methods. Also, Texas Controls’ support team offers telephonic assistance to troubleshoot any issues.

Database acquisition

Data from each tightening procedure is synchronized via Android-based standard tablets and smartphones, and subsequently uploaded to the server.

While the information is stored on Texas Controls’ servers, an alternative arrangement could involve hosting on the client’s own server. The client retains full ownership of this confidential data.

Operational control

With all data consolidated within the app, clients can generate reports and cross-reference BoltPilot insights with specialized maintenance software or other IT systems​, and the possibility of integration with other tools. Texas Controls may access this data, with prior authorization, only for support or reporting purposes.

BoltPilot is set up in three simple steps
and within five minutes

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