Digitalize the tightening
processes in wind turbines

Our Smart Bolting System

BoltPilot integrates cutting-edge software and state-of-the-art hardware, forming a bridge between sensor-equipped tightening tools and a dynamic web application tailored for capturing configuration and work-related data.

Through our deep understanding of engineering and expertise in dealing with challenging environments in remote locations, we have successfully achieved an optimal balance for automating and enhancing bolt tightening processes.

utilization of advanced sensors

cutting-edge software (embedded and applications)

multi-device communication solutions

field-ready alternatives

These initiatives collectively contribute to harnessing the advantages presented by a Digital 4.0 environment and the Internet of Things (IoT) within the wind power sector.

We ensure the best practices and excellence at work

BoltPilot can reduce maintenance costs by up to 40%


Sensors and Smart Tools

We have components to carry out the tightening procedures and generate data. BoltPilot is compatible with standard tools —and covers all types of equipment, from hand wrenches, hydraulic torque and tension instruments—, as well as battery and electrically powered equipment. Legacy tools can be retrofitted with sensors based on project requirements.


Hydraulic Power Packs

Serving as the core of the system, these power packs are seamlessly integrated into the tightening tools to serve as steadfast guidance. The hydraulic power packs not only harvest data but also commandeer the entire process, ensuring precision at every turn.



Standard Devices

BoltPilot is designed for tablets and other standard Android-powered devices. Devices bridge the gap between field operations —offline operation without data communication— and the web application. They facilitate the transfer of tightening data and the uploading of completed tasks. All activities can be wirelessly recorded in real time.


Web Application

The BoltPilot cloud-based web application stores configuration details, traceability records, and quality data pertaining to wind turbines on each construction site. This encompasses turbine models, critical joints, tools in accordance with procedures, and operator information. This app not only take field-generated data but also offers real-time accessibility from anywhere and it’s the birthplace of insightful reports.

Web application

BoltPilot gives you access to tightening
records from anywhere, at any time

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